Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Where I Am ?

@ home
@ work
Please, be patient. I'll be back.
For the time being: this is what I was thinking, reading, dreaming and could have been writing about
  • Orballo, Rias Baixas D.O. AlbariƱo 2005. Excellent, white, from Galicia in Northern-Spain.
  • In Bagdad American soldiers found an orphanage with 20 children. They were exhausted, lying on the floor in their own shit.
  • Hackney, the place not to be in London, on Newsnight. 15 minutes of do it yourself TV by desperate but proud black teenagers.
  • The Banksy from Brussels is called Bonom. Check him out on the net or in real life.

  • Mind the Bike. People are promoting the exploration of London by bicycle. The Tour the France has it's Prologue in London, Flemish photographer Stephan Vanfleteren is exhibiting his Flandrien pictures at the Host Gallery (1 Honduras Street). This Gallery wants to be the number one in photojournalism.
  • Vincent Kompany (young, gifted, black, smart, Belgian football player with African roots) went to the Congo where his father was born. He is an amabassador for SOS Kinderdorpen and they are supporting orphanages. I saw it on TV: emo works, ratio does not. Vincent in Congo creates the urge to help. But there's a Grand Canyon between the urge to help and to help in real life in real time.

  • In 2006 there were 13 million refugees in the world. The largest numbers are fleeing Afganistan (2,1 million), Irak (1,5 miljon), Sudan (686.000), Somalia (460.000) and from Congo and Burundi (400.000 each). The 13 million does not include 4,3 milion Palestinians. The 13 milion does not include people on the run without a permanent place to live but that actually stay in their own country. That's an extra 25 milion people. 13 milion of them wander around in Africa.

Inspired by Banksy, London_2007